Avis de médecins

From 1870 to 1880, Russian Dr. Vladislav Kraevsky, who is considered the founder of heavy athletics, travelled through Europe gathering information about physical culture and sports with the intention of new ways to improve health, well-being and physical education.


Upon returning to Russia, the doctor introduced exercises with kettlebells and barbells to the Russian athletic community. On the 10th of August in 1885, under the leadership of Dr. Kraevsky, a weight training hall was opened.

This day is considered the birth of weightlifting in Russia. The goal of the weight training hall was muscular development. Weight training was held three times per week. The athletes executed one and two handed presses, the snatch and the clean and jerk with the doctor controlling doses and loads (Baszanowski & Casadei, 2005). He gave close attention to sequence of loading, formation of skill development, correct breathing technique and methods to struggle against exhaustion.